Ring Figure

The most anticipated event of the cadetship besides breakout and graduation is Ring Figure, typically held in November during the second class year. During that weekend, cadets receive their class rings.

Each class’ ring is unique, with one side containing pictorial representations and symbols of the things that define the class as a whole, such as memorable events of the ratline or certain aspects of the Institute that the class holds particularly dear. The other side typically contains an arrangement of VMI images.

2016 Ring Figure Presentation

Dec 3, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. 

At the Ring Figure Ball


  • Women: Attire for non-cadet ladies is white floor-length evening dress, white shoes, elbow length white gloves. Please practice wearing your dress and walking around in it. You will be walking down dark stairs, so also think about what shoes you will be wearing. We suggest dresses be lined, since you will be in the spotlight both front and back when walking through the ring.

  • Men: White tuxedo with black tie, cummerbund or vest, and black shoes, or mess dress if so desired by respective military personnel.

  • Underclass cadet dates: Coatee, white ducks/long skirt for women

  • Military personnel: May wear mess dress if so desired

At the Ring Presentation Ceremony

  • Male / Female: Attire for dates attending the Ring Presentation is jacket, shirt and tie for gentlemen and dress slacks and nice blouse/shirt/sweater for ladies.